j2 Universal Tool-Kit

Whole aircraft modelling, analysis and simulation without writing a line of code - Just think of the possibilities


Combined with all the analyses is an integrated charting capability whereby charts can be turned into templates for automatic reconstruction using data from any analyses, and a 3-D Flight Visualisation and Playback functionality. Predicted flights or real flight test flights can be viewed in a real time environment, and compared simultaneously or separately. At any point in the aircraft’s lifecycle, the models developed can be flown in a real-time simulator by pilots or engineers to understand the characteristics further. All analyses and work is managed in a centralised database with integrated version control and configuration management.

The whole system is a data driven solution, effectively divorcing the aircraft model from the analyses. This means the model is self-contained, and is responsible for calculating its own states and parameters from whatever inputs, and environmental conditions are specified. By following this approach, we are able to connect any analysis capability to the aircraft model (through an external API if necessary) and do not get stuck with different models for different analyses. From our experience with the aircraft and simulator industry, the aircraft model is historically compiled into the analysis and as such for each different type of analyses there are different “bespoke” versions of the aircraft model required.


j2 Universal Framework

The j2 Universal Framework handles all the configuration control and plug-in management and provides a data centric approach to building aircraft design and analysis. All work can be shared across the network with permitted users avoiding sources of error in data transcription and conversions. The j2 Universal Framework provides a secure, reliable and well proven central core from which anything to do with data, models, analysis and results is managed.


Aircraft Modelling Plug-Ins

When it comes to developing aircraft models, significant time can be required to develop not just the data but the model structure and the mathematics that goes into assembling the complete aircraft. This can result in very complex layered block diagrams to cover each interaction or thousands of lines of code to include every table and equations.

With the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, model building has never been easier. Whether starting with a simple 3-View in j2 Elements or adding wind tunnel data into j2 Builder all the coupling and interactions are managed for you. Take model building from months to weeks.


Analysis Plug-Ins

Flight physics analyses can take many different forms. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit has them all covered.

From steady state trimming and dynamic response model with j2 Freedom to Handling Qualities evaluation with j2 Classical. Flight controls system design and development can be integrated with the j2 Matlab Toolbox and point performance with j2 Performance. j2 Flight can support flight test planning and envelope expansion activities as well as supporting the development of high fidelity simulation models through integrated flight data matching techniques.

Data Viewing

Data Viewing Plug-Ins

Integrated Charting, Data Monitors and Visualization means that there is no need to export data to work with 3rd Party tools. All results are linked to the analyses and model and can be displayed straight away with j2 Visualize providing cross plots, time histories and eigenvalue charts. Templates can be created to speed up the charting process and allow the use of standardized plots. From response analyses through to flight test , j2 Virtual provides the ability to playback the flights as a virtual chase plane.



Fly the aircraft right out of the box or integrate with any hardware to provide high fidelity systems.