Our Mission

Our Statement

Our mission is to build on a Technical Leadership Position and continue to develop the definitive process for flight physics based analysis for design, simulation and flight test/flight matching from conceptual design right through the full life cycle of an aircraft using our commercial off the shelf software, j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

Our vision is to set new industry standards and improved levels of practice in the handling and analysis of aircraft model data, flight test data/flight matching activities for current and future projects and the development and use of high fidelity digital twins in fixed wing, rotary wing and PAV/eVTOL projects, generating measurable value return for the end user.


j2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd is a UK Company, based in the North West of England. Following the successful development of an innovative aviation concurrent analysis and design ‘Tool-Kit’ for aircraft design, this ‘new’ capability was initially demonstrated in preliminary design of the Piper Jet. j2 now sells the j2 Universal Tool-Kit into the global aerospace industry for all aspects of design, development, simulation and flight test. j2 is highly experienced in working with US Military contractors under ITAR Licenses especially in the high fidelity fixed wing and rotary fields.


The company was founded by John Jeffery in 2005 when John left BAE Systems to start pastures new. By 2009 John was introduced to Paul Jenkins. With John's technical background, Paul's experience in expanding global markets, and a mutual love of rugby, they realised it was to be an ideal team.

j2 Company Overview

j2 Aircraft Dynamics – unlocking the value in your aero engineering data.