Fixed Wing

Any Size, Any Configuration, Any Stage

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been used on a variety of fixed wing platforms.  From the early stage design of the Piper Jet through to the preliminary and detailed design of the Embraer KC-390, anything can be modelled and analysed with  the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.  Aircraft as diverse as the De Haviland Tiger Moth to the Dolphin Global 6000 have all been evaluated from concept to flight test. Most recently the j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been selected as the central aircraft evaluation tool for the Aeralis Jet Trainer to support the complete development of the aircraft and integration platform for a Digital Twin to provide not just a design but Pilot Evaluation and Pilot Training simulators too.

j2 Aircraft Dynamics Universal Tool-Kit has been applied and used on a variety of fixed wing aircraft design and modelling projects across a broad range of different sizes and types of aircraft. From the earliest application and use in the design and development of Piper Jet, the application and use of j2 Universal Tool-Kit software in design modelling and analysis now extends to cover much larger platforms e.g. Preliminary through detailed design, modelling and analysis activity on the Embraer KC390 transport and the more recent preliminary through detailed design process of the next generation jet trainer by Aeralis in the UK.

Without exception, the application and use of j2 software has replaced the normally accepted process of engineers having to write and develop their own code using a variety of different tools and coding languages, moving this to a much more data centric knowledge  application Tool-Kit able to deliver lower cost and significantly shorter project timescales.

From design office to first flight, j2 uniquely provides a seamless and fully integrated set of tools that requires no code writing to fulfill the whole aircraft aerodynamic modelling and analysis requirements.

In the fixed wing design world,  j2 is also building a further reputation as a knowledge custodian. The older code solutions that have served the aircraft design world for decades are now also a growing weakness:

  • Limiting what can be done downstream in analyses
  • Becoming more and more difficult to support.
  • The knowledge base that understands how they were put together is shrinking as those ‘inventors’ retire or are deceased
  • Some of the coding approaches and tools are not even taught in tertiary education anymore.

The challenge then was to produce a sustainable way forward that could capture and ring fence a knowledge base focused on aircraft design whilst being able to demonstrate that the ‘new’ approach could be trusted and this opportunity is what j2 Universal Tool-Kit software was initially developed to exploit.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit, invented and sold by j2 Aircraft Dynamics ltd is a stand alone modelling and analytical framework which was born out of addressing the technical and commercial challenges associated with a fixed wing design process. The j2 product deals in data as opposed to the writing of code, in essence the code is already written for you, all you have to do is to populate the framework with your data and then use the Universal Tool-Kit for all your modelling, analytical, charting and simulation needs on any aircraft platform.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been validated many times over since 2010 against existing in house code and the answers generated. Such side by side validations across a range of aircraft designs both military and civil have enabled j2 to reach a level of technical acceptance which has already earned it 2 x ITAR licenses with major US Simulation OEMS, and an on-going business that is growing quickly. The focus on using data as opposed to writing code has unlocked significant value return as writing less code saves money. Providing a consistent framework and approach coupled with a powerful change management logic all help to significantly reduce the amount of re-work endemic in most fixed wing aircraft builds.  Some clients have even ring fenced older legacy code by interfacing them into j2, basically freezing them in time and then having j2 be the sustainable analytical and work engine going forwards. The integration of external code is a core strength of the j2 software for this exact reason and this was recognised early on in the development phase of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software.