Fly Your Model Straight Out of The Box or Integrate Quickly and Easily to High Fidelity Level D Simulation Systems

Simulation has for many years relied on the model actually being hard coded into the simulator. This then made model tuning a timely and complicated process requiring may iterative steps to complete a single correction. j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides a complete modelling to simulation environment that, uniquely, divorces the model from the simulator, the result being that any model can be tuned independently of the simulator or directly on Sim without touching or writing a line of code. Whether it is FTD or full level D FFS devices, j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the next generation capability in aviation simulation from building the model of any fidelity right through to model host and run time into simulation. All the bases covered in a single Tool-Kit.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the capability to fly any model built using the j2 modelling environment of j2 Builder, and integrate external models through j2 Developer on any simulator, without the need to write any code. The aircraft data models cover the entire range of fidelity from engineering models, used in a fast changing design engineering world, right through to Full Flight Simulator pilot training fidelity models, fully matched against flight test data and used in simulators certified to Level-D EASA/FAA standards. The j2 Pilot plug-in enables the models to be flown using simple Direct-X controls and outputting CIGI compliant visual information straight out of the box.

The j2 model to simulator integration is a simple straight forward step requiring j2 Pilot SDK to develop the interface and j2 Host to provide the necessary run time license.

The j2 experience in high fidelity simulation is extensive, having recently worked, under ITAR, with two US corporations in L3 Harris (now CAE) and TRU. Previously historic challenges like system lag etc have never featured as issues when using j2 because the processing speed of j2 Universal Tool-Kit means there is no more than 1 frame used up when accommodating all signals. The result is no discernible lag in the simulation experience.

The capability of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit in the area of simulation has already been proven in providing a j2 Host complete with a Level-6 Flight Dynamics and Engine Deck (FDEM) model of a UH-72A for the US Air National Guard. This model comes complete with Blade Element Rotor Model (BERM), integrated using j2 Rotary.  Simulations for engineering and design purposes include Embraer’s KC-390 and in 2020, the PAV/eVTOL multi rotor aircraft, where the j2 Universal Tool-Kit is used for design and the simulation host environment for Skai, an Alakai Technologies Company.