j2 Consulting

A Centre of Excellence for The Application and Use of j2 Universal Tool-Kit

Using j2 Consulting Services to Accelerate Progress in Your Projects

j2 has already built an enviable record in the growth of its Consulting Services. Whether it is building and analysing multiple conceptual models of an aircraft, evaluating PAV/eVTOL designs, building high fidelity digital twins for use in risk analysis evaluations or  identifying and analysing anomalies in flight test data, j2 Consulting Services are ready and waiting to help across all the core areas of j2 expertise.

Engineering Services

Your Invitation to Access The Extensive Experience in Solving Aero Engineering Challenges Using j2 Universal Tool-Kit

Simulator Model Development

Model to Simulation straight out of the box or use a fully integrated j2 model host to any high fidelity simulation hardware.

Process Development

j2 Consulting Services provide the skills and understanding to blend a clients own work process with j2 Universal Tool-Kit process and methodology to create powerful, fully documented work process hybrids that are robust, teachable and repeatable.

Knowledge Transfer

Let j2 show you how to extract maximum value return from your investment in j2 Universal Tool-Kit

Knowledge Protection

j2 is leading the way in providing a capability to ring fence and protect the knowledge resident in older legacy code, tools and systems without compromise when building aircraft digital twin models