Knowledge Transfer

Far more than just Training

Knowledge transfer is far more than just training.  Training teaches you which buttons to press but the j2 Aircraft Dynamics Knowledge Transfer package works with the customer to maximise their Return on Investment after purchasing the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.  Knowledge transfer includes investigations into data sources and the best approaches to getting data into the system as quickly as possible, identifying any issues or gaps, developing tests and checks at various stages and putting together a complete process that is robust, repeatable and teachable.

The act of training somebody involves the teaching and learning of activities.  When applied to a software product, the training process commonly covers the acts of performing a particular activity by demonstrating what buttons to press.  This process can be expedited by using example data.  However, this process is limited in its effectiveness.  At j2 Aircraft Dynamics we go far beyond training input in the following areas:

  • Customers Data

We use customers data within our KT programmes to provide a further insight into how the j2 software capability can be demonstrated and learnt.  This approach has several key advantages:

    • Improved Attention: The attendees are not distracted trying to read across from an example project to the specific needs of their project. The nuances and variations are tackled directly on data they are familiar with.
    • Troubleshooting Skills: When dealing with new and varied projects, mistakes will be made.  The KT process doesn’t go with expected or deliberate mistakes so the true troubleshooting process can be learnt from a real hands-on approach using direct supervision to accelerate and add value to the learning experience.
    • Project Progression: By working with the real project, the process of developing the models and running the analysis with real data and test cases takes place. This is measurable project progress and helps to move the project along and sets up the customer with a solid foundation to continue the work.
  • Process Development

In gathering the data and working through the objectives of the KT activity, a hybrid process is developed that is unique to the customer.  This process will cover not only the key steps needed but also provides work flow diagrams and process checks.  Depending upon the organisations structure, this can include approval and authorisation steps to move forwards or a peer review of the results before starting the next stage.  The process builds through a series of simplified and documented tests to ensure that each work stage up to that point is complete.

  • Combine Old and New

In many cases, tools and process already exist or indeed older legacy code and software that is deemed to have a value to the customer.  In these cases, it may be possible or even necessary to re-use existing systems.  These will be investigated and the best way to combine them into the j2 hybrid process will be developed.  Where existing code is required this can be integrated into the j2 Universal Tool-Kit using the j2 Developer or j2 Active API’s.  The j2 Universal Tool-Kit can then ringfence this information and the new capability can be layered on top.  Using this approach ensures that that valuable knowledge and experience are protected and not lost.