Company Highlights and Chronology

The chronology below is very much a summary but seeks to identify those events which have shaped and continue to shape this small business to develop and extend its already proven International reach.

  • 2005 -2009
    j2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd. (j2) winsa Smart Award grant and begins the development of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. Continued capability and expansion through Venture Capital funded product development process via the Merseyside Special Investment Fund.
  • 2010
    j2 Aircraft Dynamics completes the softwaredevelopment programme for the initial j2 Universal Tool-Kit capability for aircraft designand transitions to a fully commercial, self-sustaining company led by Mr Victor Kaminski (Chairman).

    j2’s first aircraft manufacturer business with Embraer. This includedsoftware sale, training and knowledge transfer to be used on a large aircraft developmentproject, the Embraer KC390.
  • 2011
    Sales of software and training into Airbus Defence and Space to be used for advanced flight dynamics work on Eurofighter Typhoon and Tornado. Integration with old FORTRAN based model codeprovided protection for legacy systems.

    First integration project bringing the j2 Universal Tool-Kit direct integration to an engineering simulator forEmbraer.Replaces cumbersome system with j2 Pilot integrating engineering design and modelling with simulator for early pilot evaluation.
  • 2012
    Won a major tendered contract with Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad. Developed and supplied a full aircraft design lab and simulation capability including full training and knowledge transfer activity hosted in the UK.

    UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch accepted j2 Universal Tool-Kit as a significant technical advance in the quality of discovery and analysis of air accidents and their causes. (White Paper produced)
  • 2013
    Won a tendered contract for extensive evaluation project with L-3 Link Simulation and Trainingon flight test data flight matching.Demonstrated major time and effort savings on flight data matching as part of trial and demonstration test case.

    Made first move to China market to present capabilities to AVIC and COMAC
  • 2014
    Won an extended contract with L-3 Link Simulation and Training (now L3T) under full ITAR approvals on a major US military project RC-135, expanding the use of j2 software. Consulted with L3Tto develop a flight matching process that delivered a robust, reliable, repeatable and fully teachable process. This process further delivered a flight test risk assessment and flight test data acquisition planning capability. This expanded out into the qualification of Air-Air Refuelling models.
  • 2014
    Instructed by Clyde & Co to represent pilot in the Rogers v Hoyle (Tiger Moth) case and subsequent case Crown v Hoyle which was heard in Mar 2015. The pilot was acquitted on j2 evidence.

    Appointed Jesse Technology Company as sole agent in China. Undertook further introductions of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit capabilities into AVIC. This has promoted further visits to China continuing to build relationships with key players.
  • 2015
    Developed first high-fidelity flight matched rotary modelling and model to simulator capability with j2Rotary.

    J2 Selected to develop rotary Flight Dynamics and Engine Model (FDEM)build of an EC-145. This was to be integrated into F2Si hardware and software through j2 Host. F2Si also selected the j2 Universal Tool-Kit to further tune the model and adapt to the military variant UH-72a. This was supporting a tender won by F2Si to build 8 x Level 6 flight training simulators for US Air National Guard.
  • 2016
    Provided a 3-weekworkshop and information share with China’s Flight Test Institute, COMAC, and China’s Wind Tunnel Facilityfocusing on flight test data, flight matching and risk assessment capabilities.This prompted a purchasing process from the China Wind Tunnel facility.

    At the request of the President of AVIC, TAN Ruisong, j2 presented their vision of the capability and knowledge transfer process to develop and support the Flight Test, and Flight Data Analysis and Matching for all AVIC projects and flight test programs. This has continued with ongoing discussions looking to the best approach for implementation.
  • 2017
    Instructed by Global Aviation to act for them in an air accident case involving the total loss of a Falcon 50 Business jet in an accident at Vnukovo, Russia. This was an extremely high value case involving the death of the CEO of Total Oil S.A., Mr C Demargerie. J2 evaluated over 1,200 scenarios to establish possible preventative action and alternative operational scenarios.
  • 2018
    Awarded a 4-year ITAR licence by US State Dept (sponsored by L3T) to provide aircraft modelling, analysis and simulation software tools and consulting input for all flight test data handling and corrective work for high fidelity defence simulator certification purposes on 7 fixed wing and 4 rotary wing platforms.Participated in bid for C17 simulator upgrade for US Airforce, primed by L3T, but this was lost to Boeing. If successful it was worth $1.3 million USD to j2.

    Shoreham air disaster manslaughter case. Appointed as expert witness for the defence.

    Jesse Technology start negotiations with China’s Wind Tunnel Administration for j2 Universal Tool-Kit software sale and extensive Knowledge Transfer activity to enable WT to develop the capability for FDEM and flight data matching.

    Completed first commercial deal with China for j2 Universal Tool-Kit software sale and extensive Knowledge Transfer activity, proving the business model for China. This business was worth $172 K USD to j2
  • 2019
    Won a $250K USD contract with TRU Simulation + Training in S Carolina for j2 software and knowledge transfer in support of a US DOD simulator project on T-6C aircraft under ITAR. This work included work process development, consultancy and a move to j2 tools from older legacy code systems, already proven with L3T. This business was worth in excess of $250K USD in 2019. TRU also applied and obtained an ITAR license to work with j2.
    Shoreham air accident trial at The Old Bailey begins. The j2 defence evidence was accepted by both sides and not cross examined. The trial found the pilot not guilty of manslaughter.

    Participated in a Liverpool City Region Trade Delegation to Shanghai to attend the Shanghai Technology Fair. Won a prize for one of the best technical presentations to the auditorium. Quite a big deal in helping j2 reinforce its credentials in China.

    Won an initial contract worth $40K USD with Cole Engineering Services Inc (CESi) in the US who are a defence support contractor. CESi had been appointed to support the UH-72A simulators previously mentioned in the F2Si commentary. The initial purchase is a replica simulator Test Laboratory. Further expansion of this contract includes integrated engineering environment and upgrade of all 8 simulators to the latest version of the Windows operating system and j2 software. Estimated business value is in excess of $300K USD.
  • 2020
    J2 has established itself as a knowledge resource for the growing eVTOL and PAV aircraft development market place. The j2 involvement with SKAI, an Alakai Technologies company in the development of their multi-rotor personal air vehicle has unlocked major benefits in both the design evaluation and simulation processes and accelerating the test and evaluation parts of the project development. Thus far j2 has developed technical recognition for its knowledge application and process development capability in the following key design and evaluation areas:

    • Rapid model development and analysis support
    • Flight Control System (FCS) development and evaluation to accommodate scale up challenges and pilot in the loop challenges
    • Flight transitions from ground to hover and forward and reverse flight.
    • Control and stability analysis and control laws development and evaluation required for flight risk assessment and eventual certification.
    • Analysis and evaluation of aircraft failure modes, actions and outcomes for development and eventual certification purposes
    • Flight test regime development, rehearsal and test point analysis.
    • Simulation across any fidelity as part of the aircraft design and development process supporting all of the above.
  • 2021
    j2 Universal Tool-Kit selected as the prime aircraft design, modelling, analysis and simulation software for the Aeralis led next generation jet trainer aircraft for the MOD. This fully funded project is accelerating the pace at which such aircraft design projects can progress and j2 is at the heart of that change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build on a Technical Leadership Position and continue to develop the definitive process for flight physics based analysis for design, simulation, and flight test/flight matching from concept through to certification.


The company was founded by John Jeffery in 2005 when John left BAE Systems to start pastures new. By 2009 John was introduced to Paul Jenkins. With John's technical background, Paul's experience in expanding global markets, and a mutual love of rugby, they realised it was to be an ideal team.

j2 Company Overview

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