Simulator Model Development

Build High Fidelity Models of Fixed/Rotary Wing or PAV/eVTOL Aircraft And Connect Directly into Your Simulator

When developing simulator models, the cost of Data Packs and OEM data is becoming prohibitively expensive.  j2 Aircraft Dynamics can build a model for you to any standard.  We can start with little or no data and use the j2 Universal Tool-Kit with j2 Builder, j2 Elements, and j2Developer to build an initial A Priori model.  From here the model can be tuned and modified to the desired standard by using basic test cases and limited flight data for FTD and flight test data with j2 Flight to tune the model up to Level-D.  This can then be integrated directly into your Simulator using the j2 Pilot SDK.

j2 Universal Tool-Kit offers users the ability not only to build models but to also fly them in a range of simulation set ups and fidelities. Whether it is a low fidelity set-up delivered via desktop/laptop using gaming sticks and throttles and CIGI compatible visuals, or a fully integrated j2 Host delivering a high fidelity digital twin model to a Level D simulator environment, j2 is able to deliver either option using j2 Pilot or j2 Pilot SDK.

j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been used many time across the world in delivering model to simulation type applications covering all fidelity requirements. The simulation requirements have been delivered to aircraft OEM’s like Embraer for engineering simulation as part of the KC390 development as well as higher fidelity, fully flight matched, models serving major simulation OEM’s delivering a range of military aircraft simulation hardware/software for pilot training, covering wide bodied transports, through fighter jets to rotary platforms.

j2 model build and simulator host software and consulting input was also deployed on the first Level 6 rotary SFTS project for the US Air National Guard. This project included j2 building a Level 6 EC-145 model that was then flight data matched against the UH-72A variant for the OEM, F2SI. The Level 6 model was fully integrated into the F2Si simulator system using the j2 Host software bundle which further enabled the Level 6 model to be tuned directly on the sim and compared directly with the QTG for final acceptance.

Most recently, j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been deployed on the Aeralis development of the next generation jet trainer for the UK MOD. As the primary aircraft model development tool, j2 software will be deployed across the full range of model fidelity as the platform evolves and this includes j2 Host being used in the connection to Thales supplied high fidelity simulation systems further along the development cycle.