j2 Developer

j2 Developer is an Application Interface that provides a technique to take external code, written in a variety of languages, and interface it directly into a j2 Aircraft Model.

This can lead to:

This powerful interface capability provides the ability to integrate any parts of the aircraft, provide additional mathematical approaches, controls systems, or even the complete aircraft.

Previous examples have included:

  • Aerodynamics from Full Flight Simulator for tuning purposes
  • High Fidelity Engine Dynamic Simulation
  • Landing Gear and Hard Point Modelling
  • Integration of Airborne Flight Control Systems for Evaluation and Test
  • Bespoke Fuel Management and Engine Control Systems
  • Additional Analytical techniques for Flight Matching Test and Evaluation
  • Existing Airframe Fortran Code to evaluate new features


The code can be integrated as is with a simple interface layer being added, it can then be compiled into a Windows™ Dynamic Link Library.  The code is then “stitched” into the model by providing the details of the variables that are required by the code .


Outputs can then be inserted back onto the model wherever desired.

The external Developer Item is now run as part of the complete model and can be used in all analyses and simulation.

For more information about the process flow of j2 Developer Items see j2 Developer Process Flow