j2 Software

j2 Universal Tool-Kit complete flight physics modelling, analysis and simulation – one tool, any data source, no code writing required – just think of the possibilities.

j2 Software Overview

J2 Universal Tool-Kit provides a whole aircraft modelling, analysis and simulation capability in a single fully integrated application Tool-Kit running on a Windows OS. The Tool-Kit is made up of a number of functional modules, each able to run as a stand-alone module, meaning the end-user need only purchase the combination of modules needed to fulfil their requirement. Additional modules can be added at any time which opens up greater capability as requirements change.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit was architected to ensure it could be used in a widely distributed way across project teams. The multi user access is governed by log in permissions with multiple concurrent users able to use any plug in module provided there is adequate user license cover for that module. j2 software is proven to be used via VPN type arrangements with little or no delay in use due to the thick client architecture with much of the function already running locally not centrally. The central j2 Framework is a robust version controlled database tool which controls system access, user permissions, license use and all the model and analytical data.

The whole j2 software system is a data driven solution, effectively divorcing the aircraft model from the analyses. This means the model is self-contained, and is responsible for calculating its own states and parameters from whatever inputs, and environmental conditions are specified. By following this approach, we are able to connect any analysis capability to the aircraft model (through an external API if necessary) and do not get stuck with different models for different analyses. From our experience with the aircraft and simulator industry, the aircraft model is historically compiled into the analysis and as such for each different type of analyses there are different “bespoke” versions of the aircraft model required.

Combined with all the analyses is an integrated charting capability whereby charts can be turned into templates for automatic reconstruction using data from any analyses, and a 3-D Flight Visualisation and Playback functionality. Predicted flights or real flight test flights can be viewed in a real time environment, and compared simultaneously or separately. At any point in the aircraft’s lifecycle, the models developed can be flown in a real-time simulator by pilots or engineers to understand the characteristics further. All analyses and work is managed in a centralised database with integrated version control and configuration management.

j2 Universal Tool-Kit continually evolves to keep pace with advances in Windows OS as well as adding additional modules to improve function and capability. This evolutionary approach ensures that all end users are equipped with the latest j2 software version and capabilities to meet each and every change in the end users requirements.

j2 Universal Tool-Kit

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is a complete set of design and analysis tools for Flight Physics. It includes aircraft model building (from any data source from conceptual design to flight test), system integration (external models, FCS, Landing Gear, Weights and balance, aircraft systems, etc.), Flight Mechanics, (Static/Dynamic, Lateral/Longitudinal, Linear/Non-Linear), Performance Analysis, and Flight Test Analysis.

Software Licensing

The licensing of j2 Universal Tool-Kit is simple and straightforward. Be it a single user, a multiple concurrent user-based license or a software lease, the licensing agreement and license manager covers all use situations.
The basic perpetual license allows for up to 3 users to access and use the j2 software on a single or a shared machine. However, if only one license of each plug in module is purchased, whilst three users can access the j2 Universal Framework, only one user at a time can access and use the purchased modules.