J2 Licensing

Add capability quickly and easily when your project needs it using j2 flexible licensing options.

Licensing Tools

The licensing of j2 Universal Tool-Kit is simple and straightforward. Be it a single user, a multiple concurrent user-based license or a software lease proposition, the licensing agreement and license manager covers all use situations.

The entry level perpetual license allows for up to 3 users to access and use the j2 software modules on a single or a shared machine. However, if only one license of each plug-in module is purchased, whilst three users can access the software using the j2 Universal Framework, only one user at a time can access and use the purchased modules.

Should a multi-user license be needed where multiple users will access and use a range of modules on a concurrent user basis then j2 will work with the end user to gain an accurate understanding of the maximum user capacity required for each module before then wrapping that access up into the license agreement.

The j2 Universal Framework acts both as the model and analysis database tool and also the user access and perpetual software licensing module.

The j2 licenses are sold on a perpetual license basis under a standard End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) and this is also fully supported through the annual software assurance, support and maintenance agreement which can be purchased in advance. If a user remains in support, then all future module upgrades on those modules already purchased are provided free of charge and any move to a higher order computer operating system e.g. Windows 8 to Windows 10 or the breakdown of a processor will  ensure license continuity subject to certain proofs being provided.

J2 perpetual licensing is designed to give value for money and allow growth in a project team, being able to turn on additional users to an existing system within a day of any request. This applies to the general user group or indeed to the provision, through purchase, of additional plug in modules.

Overall user numbers are controlled through the j2 Universal Framework and blocks of 3, 5 and 10 users can be added instantly. The same rules apply when adding user access to plug-in module capability. Additional plug ins can be added as required quickly and easily, subject to purchase.

The j2 licensing tech set also allows for a distributed team to access and use j2 software from a variety of locations, typically using VPN type services to provide the distributed connectivity into a central server. User permission and user access and passwords are controlled through the normal system security arrangements and procedures in place at the time.

There is also a facility to provide short term ‘project only’ access for a set period of time linked to advance lease type payments. This software leasing arrangement can prove more expensive than purchase in the long term but it does provide an opportunity to use j2 software on an expensed basis as opposed to capital purchase. If a payment expires or is accidentally missed the j2 software will simply stop working until payment is made and a new valid license key is installed. In this scenario the end user can be confident that no data is lost, only user access is denied.

Perpetual License

The standard license that is purchased is a perpetual use license. This means, it is a once purchased license that guarantees continued use of the j2 software in perpetuity subject to the terms of the j2 EULA. Once a perpetual license is purchased, the user can ask for the license to be transferred to other machines provided the j2 software has remained in support under the terms of the j2 user Software support and maintenance agreement. This is purchased annually or multi year and the maintenance and support is charged for after the first anniversary of the purchase has lapsed.

Any users who do not purchase the software maintenance and support after the first year may need to repurchase a new license should their machine malfunction or they move to a new operating system within the company. If the product is in support j2 will issue a new license free of charge provided the terms of the EULA are met.

More details can be found by reading the EULA or by contacting j2 directly.

License Leasing

This is a purchase option some users may find attractive.  J2 recognises that capital purchase can be a challenge for some companies because they are budget limited or early in their development or the business prefers to run on expense lines or the need to use j2 software is project timescale limited. In recognition of the various challenges, j2 can offer a software licensing package. Leasing covers all the access and use benefits as per the perpetual license and also includes the support and maintenance elements also throughout the duration of the lease.

Leasing is not for everyone and can end up more expensive than purchasing a license but for some this option makes financial sense. Payment terms vary but typically they are paid 3 months in advance with license renewals being done using license keys issued from j2. All data is fully retained on j2 software and should the time based license lapse there is no risk of any data being lost. As soon as  a new license key is issued the data can be accessed again.

For more details on j2 software leasing options please contact j2 directly using the details on our contact page.

Educational Licenses

J2 will support the use of its software in education type applications and regard that as an investment in the future. Educational licenses do not cost anything to purchase but any request must be supported by letters from University professors/Department heads at a minimum and a student user license agreement (SULA) must be signed by both student and university officer. A full user guide is provided with any purchase.

The use of j2 software in education is something that is best applied to post graduate studies i.e. masters or higher as the engineering knowledge foundation required to use the j2 software successfully may not be mature enough in undergraduate students.

The benefits are very real with previous PhD student users able to complete a model build to a stated fidelity in 1 month on j2 when it would have taken them circa 15 months to write the code themselves.

For more information on the use of j2 software in education type applications please contact j2 using the information on the contact us page.

J2 Software Support And Maintenance Contract

With all purchases of j2 software, either capital purchase or lease j2 provides a software support and maintenance contract for on going support and help and ensures that all contracted users under this scheme receive software updates on those modules they have purchased free of charge for as long as they stay in support.  For software that is purchased this support contract is purchased at the end of the first year post purchase and annually thereafter. For software that is leased support and maintenance service is written into the ease agreement from the date of purchase.

With any commercial software purchased as a perpetual license the option to purchase an enduring support and maintenance contract should always be considered. During the lifetime of use various elements are out of the user control and this could, if not considered properly, result in the user having to purchase new j2 licenses and losing data.

Examples of those situations where a support and maintenance contract will provide replacement licenses subject to the terms of the EULA and can provide valuable return on investment are summarised below:

  • The processor hosting the software malfunctions requiring a new machine
  • The company moves to a new operating system on which the j2 software runs e.g. Windows 8 to Windows 10
  • The machine on which the software is located is stolen or lost  
  • The user would like to receive all j2 software updates for free for those modules purchased.    
  • The company upgrades its cyber security standards requiring new machines and operating systems

The support and maintenance contract is costed as an option into all commercial proposals and j2 will also contact the purchaser in advance of the purchase anniversary to offer them the option of purchasing a support and maintenance contract.