J2 Software Support And Maintenance Contract

With all purchases of j2 software, either capital purchase or lease j2 provides a software support and maintenance contract for on going support and help and ensures that all contracted users under this scheme receive software updates on those modules they have purchased free of charge for as long as they stay in support.  For software that is purchased this support contract is purchased at the end of the first year post purchase and annually thereafter. For software that is leased support and maintenance service is written into the ease agreement from the date of purchase.

With any commercial software purchased as a perpetual license the option to purchase an enduring support and maintenance contract should always be considered. During the lifetime of use various elements are out of the user control and this could, if not considered properly, result in the user having to purchase new j2 licenses and losing data.

Examples of those situations where a support and maintenance contract will provide replacement licenses subject to the terms of the EULA and can provide valuable return on investment are summarised below:

  • The processor hosting the software malfunctions requiring a new machine
  • The company moves to a new operating system on which the j2 software runs e.g. Windows 8 to Windows 10
  • The machine on which the software is located is stolen or lost
  • The user would like to receive all j2 software updates for free for those modules purchased.
  • The company upgrades its cyber security standards requiring new machines and operating systems

The support and maintenance contract is costed as an option into all commercial proposals and j2 will also contact the purchaser in advance of the purchase anniversary to offer them the option of purchasing a support and maintenance contract.