Engineering Services

j2 Consulting Services Supporting Aero Engineering Challenges

j2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd provides consulting services, applying the proven capabilities of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit combined with the extensive aircraft modelling, analysis and digital twin creation expertise within j2, providing knowledge based solutions to solve a range of aero engineering challenges.    

j2 consulting personnel have delivered the following services on a range of fixed wing, rotary wing and multi rotor PAV/eVTOL aircraft programmes summarised below:

  1. Flight test data matching and trouble shooting on unusual stall characteristics on a modified platform for defence application.
  2. The early stage design modelling and analysis of the Alakai hexacopter air vehicle.
  3. Full simulation of the Alakai hexacopter air vehicle for flight control system evaluation prior to flight test.
  4. Flight test data handling and data matching for high fidelity simulator model build on a range of Military aircraft platforms from heavy lift to fast jet trainer and intermediate training aircraft.
  5. Core flight physics design, analysis and simulation tool and work process development for the creation of high fidelity digital twin for Aeralis on the next generation jet trainer for UK MOD.