Knowledge Protection

Deliver lasting value from legacy code and knowledge

The global industry challenge of having to meet ever increasing costs when supporting old/legacy code, systems and models now has a solution. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit API's are able to integrate any and all legacy code and models into a single, robust and trusted framework where that embedded knowledge, derived and developed over many decades, can be ringfenced and protected. By ringfencing the legacy  knowledge base  whatever that may be e.g. code, models etc., any additional changes to the model, analysis or simulation and changes to other integrated data can all be handled within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit which is already a fully supported, robust and trusted commercial software running on a sustainable operating system.

In the last decade the ability to access and use old code and tools has become more and more difficult and expensive to do. In addition the level of practice and knowledge therein has been eroding for a variety of reasons e.g.

    • Many of the older coding methods are no longer taught in tertiary education and are becoming obsolete and more difficult to support.
    • A large amount of knowledge resides in an ever shrinking pool of experienced heads. This puts the same technical knowledge at risk of being lost.
    • Adding to this erosion of skills and experience is an inability to transfer that same knowledge over into a reliable, sustainable and more advanced working framework that can be verified and trusted and there is a very real threat of losing access to this very valuable pool of knowledge that has evolved over decades.

Historically, in-house code blocks  have been poorly documented and this is now creating issues on overall reliability when in use and also  the older legacy systems being able to accommodate changes in computer operating systems, integration and overall data quality assurance.

At j2, we have recognised the loss of substantial value should this knowledge bank be eroded and lost and have determined that the j2 Universal Tool-Kit can provide a trusted platform which can be used to retain the vested knowledge in any legacy code and can then build on that knowledge foundation within a fully supported and sustainable Tool-Kit running on a Windows operating system.

The route to ring-fencing and protecting a knowledge base starts with a simple discussion and appraisal of what is required. A series of simple tests are then undertaken which sanity checks the legacy code, checks for unknowns e.g. data wind ups, oscillations, hidden integration steps that can give rise to integration issues later. Once completed, an initial integration is tested and evaluated and if ok, the integration is completed.

Running in parallel with the integration step, the j2 knowledge transfer process is able to provide instant learning in all those applications where legacy code and systems have proven to be a challenge from model build thru analytical process to flight test and into simulation e.g.:

  • Core model build – where substantial model code is held in Fortran.
  • Substantial data from flight test held in a variety of file formats
  • The use of external models constructed in a variety of legacy programmes
  • Using external specific code blocks e.g. engine decks, undercarriage, flight control systems etc.
  • Certified simulator models that can be re-used in simulation opportunities.
  • The creation of high fidelity digital twins using older legacy model code as a foundation.

j2 Aircraft Dynamics work closely with the end-user to deliver a bespoke and fully operational work process, using and integrating their old legacy code into the j2 Universal Framework delivering a sustainable work methodology, all fully supported within a robust and trusted commercial off the shelf software, the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.