Process Development

Combine j2 Universal Tool-Kit Capabilities With What Already Exists to Create a High Performing Hybrid Work Process That Uses The Best of Both.

With the adoption of any new software always comes the challenge of how best to apply and use what is new whilst retaining the best of the existing work processes that have served the business so well to date.    

j2 Aircraft Dynamics have built an enviable track record of developing and implementing, with global client engineering teams, a series of hybrid work processes that are able to realise the value in adopting the new, whilst also using that to enhance those elements of the old that are recognised as generating value.  The development of such hybrid work processes are a cooperative effort with in house resources and j2 Consulting has already received significant recognition in this area from US Corporations through the award of 2 x ITAR licenses for work on significant DoD projects. All the hybrid processes are constantly evolving and are fully documented for future use and training as teams grow and evolve.

More example pages cane be found Pages From Process Document.