Risk Analysis


The use of j2 software as a predictive risk analysis tool for flying aircraft is already a mature area of application, able to deliver consistent and robust results using a repeatable methodology and process. The mature development of digital twin models provides a consistency of process that generates confidence in the results and the repeatable and teachable methodology means that in-house user skills can be quickly developed and delivered. The above capability is already fully documented and supported through a knowledge transfer programme delivered with detailed end user documentation or through j2 consulting services.

What j2 offers in the application of digital twin capabilities for flight risk analysis is a real game changer with respect to supporting any flight risk assessment process, accuracy of outcomes and speed of decision making.

Already founded and globally established in aircraft design and the creation of high-fidelity simulator models for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the ability to develop high fidelity digital twins able to fulfil any and all risk assessment requirements across a broad range of operating aircraft. Once created, the continued use of j2 digital twins provides an evergreen interrogation platform for any and all future risk assessment demands on any aircraft.

J2 has already undertaken or supported the use of its digital twin capabilities as applied to a range of aircraft uses and operations including:

  • Aircraft change of use
  • Pre and post-stall behaviour in military modified aircraft
  • Modelling wake effects in AAR activities
  • Slung loads on helicopters
  • New stores release analysis
  • Load drop risk assessment and mission rehearsal
  • Aircraft performance changes
  • Gust modelling in landing configurations
  • Icing impact on aircraft behaviour and handling
  • Overlay of wake vortices on an approaching aircraft digital twin i.e. from aircraft carrier superstructure

The applications of j2 Universal Tool-Kit and the application knowledge base have already been stress tested and applied, nuanced and accepted in flight test risk assessment and in the air accident analysis space (j2 AAI) where they have been used to build digital twins and run analysis of air accident scenarios across a broad range of aircraft providing a flight physics analytical understanding of aircraft behaviours across the flight envelope area of interest.

J2 is able to integrate with and use existing digital twins from other sources too using the j2 Developer plug-in. This powerful API can handle data in any format. The nature of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software also means that each digital twin model can be continuously improved on as and when more and higher fidelity data becomes available from any source, including flight data.

Look out for more flight risk analysis capabilities from j2.