j2 Universal Tool-Kit - A single tool-kit, serving a variety of sectors applied in many different ways

Sectors Overview

j2 is now operating globally with commercial offerings in a number of different aviation engineering sectors. These include the sale and support of their aircraft design, modelling, analysis and simulation software, j2 Universal Tool-Kit, for both fixed and rotary wing, high fidelity simulation model build and full flight test data matching, air accident investigation, aero engineering consulting into high fidelity simulation and aircraft certification activities and most recently eVTOL/PAV aircraft design, modelling. analysis and simulation. The j2 commercial operations cover both civil and military aircraft platforms.

Fixed Wing

j2 Aircraft Dynamics Universal Tool-Kit has been applied and used on a variety of fixed wing aircraft design and modelling projects across a broad range of different sizes and types of aircraft. From the earliest application and use in the design and development of Piper Jet, the application and use of j2 Universal Tool-Kit software in design, modelling, and analysis now extends to cover much larger platforms. This has included Preliminary through Detailed design, modelling, and analysis activity on the Embraer KC-390 transport and the more recent preliminary through detailed design process of the next generation jet trainer by Aeralis in the UK, replacing Hawk.

Rotary Wing

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit software was first deployed on the modelling, analysis and simulation of rotary wing aircraft in 2017, on a high fidelity Model to Simulation build an EC-145 and to convert it to a UH-72A Military Platform for the US Air National Guard.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit integrates a Blade Element Rotor Model (BERM) into the full aircraft model and, uniquely, is able to tune both the fuselage and BERM characteristics completely independently from each other in order to achieve the required Level 6 fidelity model performance required by the US DoD client.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been a core part of the j2 Universal capabilities. As UAV’s don’t have the same design constraints so they can utilise very unique configurations where there is less historical/empirical data to support the design. This is where the power of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit can really support their development. There are no constraints on the configuration or location of engines, wings and equipment within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit so it is possible to investigate any design quickly and easily.

With the continued expanded use of drones and the desire for fully autonomous aircraft, so there is the need to evaluate not just unusual configurations but the impact of failures and uncertainties on the behaviour and safety of the aircraft. All of which can be performed rapidly with the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.


Building on its experience in the design, modelling and analysis of a range of UAV aircraft, j2 has evolved its capabilities further into the new and emerging PAV/eVTOL platforms. Using the very same process and logic, already present within the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, but applied now to the design, development and analysis of a broad range of different aircraft including Multi-Rotor, Thrust Vector and Lift-Cruise designs.

One thing that is key with all these aircraft is the need to develop a high fidelity digital twin. The analysis needs to cover all aspects of flight and should use high fidelity engineering simulation in the development of not just the airframe but the systems and control laws. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is ideally suited to these types of aircraft.