Covering all aspects of flight from conceptual design through to flight test and simulation.

Applications Overview

Trust J2 to handle all your ‘heavy lifting’ activities associated with fixed wing and rotary wing model build, analysis, simulation and flight test data handling and analysis needs regardless of aircraft type and configuration.

Aircraft Design

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides a data driven solution to all types of aircraft design. This has repeatedly demonstrated a saving 30% effort when compared to the development and use of in-house tools. We have been able to merge existing disparate toolsets into a comprehensive integrated design environment. No need to write code because we've done it for you.

Fixed Wing Design

Fixed wing design has been around a long time but that doesn’t mean that improvements cant be made. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the ability to cover all aspects of Fixed Wing Aircraft Development from Conceptual Design through to Flight Test Planning and Analysis, and Simulation. All without having to write any more code.

Rotary Wing Design

Rotary wing aircraft introduce additional degrees of freedom into the dynamic modelling and analysis process. To truly understand these it is necessary to include a Blade Element Rotary model into the heart of the simulation. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides this additional component into its existing comprehensive modelling and analysis tools to enable high fidelity design capability throughout the project.

PAV/eVTOL Design

Each idea for PAV/eVTOL aircraft faces new and unique challenges and with them come new and unique designs. Designs can range through multi-rotor into vectored thrust and various lift-cruise configurations. Each individual design is an ideal candidate for the application and use of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit to create a full digital twin to evaluate handling qualities, flight dynamics and aircraft safety, taking the concept right through to certification.

Flight Test and Aircraft Certification

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the capability to evaluate, test and manage the flight test program and aircraft certification process, helping to reduce effort and costs. The ability to perform envelope expansion and to test corner points with a validated and qualified model means that more evidence can be presented and read across data accepted. This helps to reduce the number of tests required and to speed up the complete certification program.


The j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the capability to fly any model built using the j2 modelling environment of j2 Builder, and integrate external models through j2 Developer on any simulator, without the need to write any code. The aircraft data models cover the entire range of fidelity from engineering models, used in a fast changing design engineering world, right through to Full Flight Simulator pilot training fidelity models, fully matched against flight test data and used in simulators certified to Level-D EASA/FAA standards. The j2 Pilot plug-in enables the models to be flown using simple Direct-X controls and outputting CIGI compliant visual information straight out of the box whilst the j2 Pilot SDK provides the capability to integrate the system with any simulation hardware.  If required, j2 can provide a complete j2 Host that can connect into your own architecture.

Flight Data Matching

When developing simulators or performing flight test, it is necessary to tune the aircraft model to match the real aircraft. This can be performed using j2 Flight, the fully integrated Flight Test Data Matching module of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

Risk Analysis

j2 offers a game changing advance in the application and use of digital twin capabilities for flight risk analysis with respect to any risk assessment process, accuracy of outcomes and speed of decision making. With a solid technical foundation in aircraft design and the creation of high-fidelity simulator models for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides the ability to produce high fidelity digital twins and to fulfil any and all risk assessment requirements across a broad range of operating aircraft. Once created, the continued use of j2 digital twins provides an interrogation platform for any and all future risk assessment demands on any aircraft.