Educational Licenses

J2 will support the use of its software in education type applications and regard that as an investment in the future. Educational licenses do not cost anything to purchase but any request must be supported by letters from University professors/Department heads at a minimum and a student user license agreement (SULA) must be signed by both student and university officer. A full user guide is provided with any purchase.

The use of j2 software in education is something that is best applied to post graduate studies i.e. masters or higher as the engineering knowledge foundation required to use the j2 software successfully may not be mature enough in undergraduate students.

The benefits are very real with previous PhD student users able to complete a model build to a stated fidelity in 1 month on j2 when it would have taken them circa 15 months to write the code themselves.

For more information on the use of j2 software in education type applications please contact j2 using the information on the contact us page.