License Leasing

This is a purchase option some users may find attractive.  J2 recognises that capital purchase can be a challenge for some companies because they are budget limited or early in their development or the business prefers to run on expense lines or the need to use j2 software is project timescale limited. In recognition of the various challenges, j2 can offer a software licensing package. Leasing covers all the access and use benefits as per the perpetual license and also includes the support and maintenance elements also throughout the duration of the lease.

Leasing is not for everyone and can end up more expensive than purchasing a license but for some this option makes financial sense. Payment terms vary but typically they are paid 3 months in advance with license renewals being done using license keys issued from j2. All data is fully retained on j2 software and should the time based license lapse there is no risk of any data being lost. As soon as  a new license key is issued the data can be accessed again.

For more details on j2 software leasing options please contact j2 directly using the details on our contact page.