Data Viewing Plug-Ins

Charting and Visualization built in


Presenting the results of analysis is always important. For this reason the j2 Universal Tool-Kit has 2 plug-ins that can display the information for the user.

j2 Virtual enables time histories to be played out in real-time to provide a deeper understanding as to how the aircraft behaves. Multiple tests can be overlaid and compared. Charting is provided by the j2 Visualize plug-in. Templates enable consistent charts to be generated repeatedly, whilst series analysis can identify key characteristics of a response.

Data Viewing

j2 Virtual

This module allows any number of flights and manoeuvres to be viewed in a complete 360-degree virtual chase plane environment.  Re-constructed flight data can be viewed to provide full visibility of the flights by the engineers on the ground. Any flight can be viewed and combined from predicted response analyses, reconstructed flight data and re-predicted flights. Combine different methods of the same flight, different manoeuvres, or the same manoeuvre with different aircraft. All can be compared to identify how characteristic differences impact on the overall behaviour.

Data Viewing

j2 Visualize

This is the data display plug-in of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. The module enables engineers to create monitors, graphs templates and traces as enhanced viewing tools for looking at the data either as analysis is underway or as a post-processing tool. Templates can be created that will automatically apply the appropriate tolerances to any data for comparison with the FAA requirements. No need to take data from analyses and re-format for use with external charting tools.