j2 Virtual


See your aircraft in flight with J2 Virtual. This plug-in provides a unique 3-D viewing capability, which shows the aircraft and its characteristics during any manoeuvres.

Not only does J2 Virtual give the user a clear understanding of how the aircraft will respond to each challenge; it also allows flight test data to be viewed, to highlight what actually happens during an unexplained or complex aircraft manoeuvre.




Showcases Performance in 3-D

  • See real-time results of your aircraft’s manoeuvres
  • View the aircraft from any angle
  • Understand the issues that your test pilots are talking about


Comprehensive Capabilities

  • No need to purchase additional visualisation tools

J2 universal delivers


Advantages and Benefits

Integrated Visualisation Graphical Interface

Its easy-to-use integrated graphics capability provides rapid visualisation of data, without the need to purchase additional tools

3-D Representation of Aircraft Flight

Understand clearly what the aircraft is doing with a virtual model. Present a real-time view of results to test pilots to demonstrate aircraft capability

Import Flight Test Data

Take the complete non-linear model and automatically linearize about any trim condition
Understand clearly what pilots are talking about by visualising imported data

View the Aircraft from Any Angle

Ensures that you can see the motion in which you are interested by switching between pre-defined views. Alternatively, you can position the camera where desired

Display Multiple Flights and Flight Paths

See where the aircraft has been and is going across multiple scenarios. Compare different flights automatically

Add in your Own Aircraft Models

Get a true representation of the aircraft under development. The import format is compatible with most CAD packages, allowing an instant 3-D flight of the aircraft being designed

Add in your Own Scenery

See the aircraft as it flies around your airfield for improved realism

Manage and Manipulate Time

Start/Stop, fast forward or rewind flight to get to the point of interest. Speed up/Slow down time to highlight specific manoeuvres or move directly to area of interest

Created Files can be Seen in any Browser

Create promotional information and demonstrate behaviour to people without the J2 Universal Tool-Kit