j2 Visualize


j2 Visualize, the data display plug-in of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, enables designers to create monitors, graphs and traces with which to view the data either as an analysis is underway or as a post processing tool.

The system enables users rapidly to establish optimum configurations by plotting graphs from the evaluated data and by viewing and monitoring individual analyses as they happen. The plots and data can then be easily transferred into other applications for reporting purposes.



Complete Data Handling Capabilities

  • No need to purchase additional graphics tools


User Defined Data Monitors and Plots

  • Quickly view and evaluate an aircraft’s behaviour


Cross Plot Results from Multiple Datasets

  • Create plots across the complete flight envelope


Overlay Results from Previous Runs

  • Compare the impact of design changes to older models
  • Compare predictions with actual flight data


Annotate Graphs

  • Highlight areas of interest
  • Copy results into documents for reporting

J2 universal delivers


Advantages and Benefits

Integrated Graphical Display

Data is visualised rapidly in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format. j2 Visualize offers comprehensive visualisation capabilities, so there is no need to purchase additional tools

User Defined Data Monitors

View any parameter to assess results. You can evaluate the aircraft model’s behaviour instantly

User Defined Monitor Limits

Highlight any parameters that are causing you concern or those that will need to be watched

Online Trace Capabilities

Watch graphical displays generated as the analysis is being run. You can also rapidly assess the impact of different flight conditions or design options

Display and Cross Plot Multiple Stored Results

View historical data for further analysis and compare to dynamic traces or alternative scenarios. Data management enables all results data to be viewed and compared quickly and easily. Create comparison charts and plot the results across the complete flight envelope for drag and trim curves without the need to resort to alternative tools

Import Data from Other Sources

Compare with flight test data to validate data models for more accurate analysis

Copy Plots

Paste copied plots into documents for reporting purposes

Data Management

Hide/show lines on graphs to avoid clutter and confusion. This presents a clear display and enables you to gain a true understanding of your aircraft’s behaviour