Aircraft Modelling

Rapidly build high fidelity models from whatever data is available.


Significant time and energy can be spent writing code and developing flight models. This can involve writing all the interactions on the structure, calculating contributions from multiple entities and re-orienting into different axes systems.

With the Aircraft Modelling Plug-Ins available in the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, the time and effort needed to develop flight models can be slashed. j2 Builder provides a hierarchical framework to build the structure of your aircraft. j2 Elements enables full dynamic models to be developed from limited data. j2 Rotary introduces helicopter blade element rotor models. Where code already exists, this can be integrated into the complete aircraft through j2 Developer.


j2 Builder

Automate the heavy lifting of model building.

j2 Builder provides the hierarchical structure develop dynamic flight models. The plug-in provides a series of templated structures to assemble a complete airframe and matching the structure of the real aircraft. No need to write code just enter the data into the Structural Items and build up the complete aircraft model in days not months.


j2 Elements

Rapid prototyping with full dynamic simulation from basic data.

In the early stages of aircraft design and model development obtaining detailed aircraft data and complex derivatives can be difficult.  With j2 Elements, the basic aircraft geometry is sufficient to start to develop a complete simulation and analysis model including asymmetric characteristics, dynamic derivatives and control surface contributions.


j2 Developer

Integrate external code in under 4hours

When developing aircraft models, data can come from many sources.  This can be in the form of equations, data tables and even existing code.  The j2 Developer provides a powerful API that allows existing code to be integrated directly into an aircraft model. 

This enables rapid model development, the ability to integrate 3rd Party components, and the protection of legacy code, ring fenced and integrated into a new environment.


j2 Rotary

High fidelity rotary wing modelling and simulation from the very beginning. This plug-in provides a seamless integration with the Blade Element Rotor Model (BERM), Tail Rotor and Gearbox contained within HeliSIM by Presagis.  These are integrated with an airframe developed within j2 Builder and j2 Elements to produce a complete high fidelity Helicopter/Rotary Wing Aircraft Model.

This high fidelity model is capable of stable hover and autorotation, and the inclusion of upwash and downwash impact on the aircraft dynamics.  The physics based simulation automatically handles the impact of a range of failures and atmospheric disturbances.