23 | June | 2024

j2 Releases New Updated Version of Their Ground Breaking j2 Universal Tool Kit

j2 Aircraft Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of v7.0.4 of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit. This is the latest minor version release, providing updates and bug fixes including changes to the j2 Matlab Toolbox plug-in and improved versioning of j2 Developer Items. To complement the latest j2 Universal Tool-Kit, there are additional releases of the J2 Pilot (v7.0.7) and J2 Pilot Display (v7.0.4)plug-ins. These include improved messaging with CIGI smoother displays.  On top of this all libraries are updated to their latest versions to maintain concurrency. 
This latest software update reinforces j2’s commitment to an evergreen software upgrade and improvement roadmap. All installers are now available for download from the j2 website to all end users who are in support for their perpetual j2 Universal Tool-Kit software licenses and wish to take advantage of the updates.
If you would like any specific information on the j2 Universal Tool-Kit and its overall capabilities in modelling, analysis and simulation for fixed, rotary and multi rotor aircraft please take a look at the website www.j2aircraft.com or contact Mr. Paul Jenkins directly at Paul.jenkins@j2aircraft.com


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