Delta Models

Sandbox Models for Studies and Corrections

When performing Trade Studies and Sensitivity Studies, variations on the aircraft variables are used and their impact on the overall response compared to the baseline. This can lead to multiple copies of the aircraft, each with a small change applied. The end result can cause a configuration control problem and may even lead to incorrect models and variants being used for comparison. This issue can be further compounded when there is a need to refine or update the baseline, requiring all variants to be updated.

With the Delta Models available in the j2 Universal Tool-Kit and j2 Builder, this problem goes away.  Delta Models create a reference back to the baseline and allow users to add changes and increments without impacting the baseline.

When the baseline model is updated, all Deltas are automatically updated without the user needing to make any changes, keeping all variants synchronised.

Delta Models can be extremely useful in providing a sandboxed environment when evaluating envelope expansion and model tuning.

Adjustments to individual values can be made to support Sensitivity and Trade Studies.  In this way “what-if” scenarios can be evaluated without impacting on the baseline model.

When performing flight matching activities, the corrections need to be tested before implementing.  This can be done by using delta models to import the values.

The corrected delta model can be put through the same QTG tests and the results compared to the baseline.