J2 For Air Accident Investigators

From an early stage and running in parallel with any accident investigation, j2’s Universal Tool-Kit can, in a matter of weeks, build a math model of the sample aircraft that is then used to run aircraft handling and behavioural analysis. This can accelerate investigation findings by focussing on ‘most likely’ whilst also removing from the investigation those areas shown to be `not possible’ or `highly unlikely’ to have been contributory factors from a flight physics analysis perspective. A case history is provided here for a Piper Navajo aircraft accident in conjunction with the AAIB.

At any time in this process investigators can:

  • Add fidelity to the model by including OEM or other available data e.g. flight test data, so they can continue to test out theories and hypotheses as more information becomes available.
  • Can retain the aircraft model for additional work or cases in a fully version controlled and protected database within j2. 
  • Can access and re-use the same model or have it modified to take account of aircraft variants e.g. a Beechcraft B200 will form the basis for a B200 Raisbeck model with each being fully version controlled.
  • Can add pilot or other expert opinion data/input to the analytical process and method.
  • Can use a trusted, repeatable and robust modelling methodology that can be applied and used for any fixed or rotary wing aircraft accident investigation.