23 | June | 2024

J2 Complete Integration With CHARM From CDi to Support Growth in High Fidelity Model to Simulation of Helicopters, Helicopter Design and Modelling and Evaluation of Multirotor Aircraft in The Growing eVTOL market

J2 are pleased to announce that they have successfully developed and replaced the previous third party Blade Element Rotor Model (BERM) for high fidelity rotary modelling into design and simulation activities and added capability to service the growing eVTOL market.

Having previously launched the high fidelity rotary application back in 2017 on the UH72A SFTS simulator programme, leveraging an existing BERM capability provided by PRESAGIS, j2 determined that it was not a good idea to be reliant on a 3rd party tool. The recent announcements on the PRESAGIS business retracting back into CAE suggests that the decision to develop their own capability using CHARM was a shrewd move.  

These new j2 Rotary tools are already in use in helicopter design projects and they are progressing quickly into model build and flight test data matching activities producing full level D models for use in high fidelity rotary applications in simulation.

Paul Jenkins, Snr Vice President at j2 said, “there comes a time in any business where you have to focus on what can be achieved quickly and easily with minimum investment in order to take advantage of an opportunity. This was the case with our initial cooperation with PRESAGIS on the UH72A programme. We were able to integrate the BERM elements from HeliSIM directly into j2. This provided an instant high fidelity capability that won j2 business. However, with Covid intervening, our emphasis turned to better understanding the business risks associated with being over reliant on an external 3rd party package to deliver in a growing market. That is always going to create medium and longer term uncertainty. To that end j2 chose to invest in building its own BERM capabilities by using CHARM for main and tail rotor set ups and for gearbox modules. The completion of this work has now given us business resilience in the high fidelity rotary market place in both core design and the model to simulation applications.”

“The fact that PRESAGIS have very recently ceased trading, announcing that nearly all operations and products are being absorbed back into CAE, suggests that the vision of removing reliance on 3rd party tools to service a growing market place was the right way for j2 to go. The covid period gave us that window of opportunity to invest in building our own solution.“

For more information on how j2 can help with your high fidelity rotary or multi rotor projects please contact:



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