25 | July | 2024

How j2 Can Help Exploit Your Older Aircraft Data Resources and Tools   

Following on from the recent article published in Aeromag: https://www.aero-mag.com/a-model-of-digital-excellence , j2 Aircraft Dynamics has added, in this news release, some further insights into how it has been able to assist users of its software tools to generate added value that remains in old and legacy tools, code, data and models.

J2 has already shared experiences on the successful and proven applications of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit in the Design, Analysis and Simulation of fixed wing, rotary wing and multi rotor aircraft. j2 have also learned that a number of its users have benefitted from an additional, added value outcome of using j2 software. This additional piece of value generation applies specifically to those users who are replacing older legacy coded tools with j2 or have a library of aircraft data that exists in a range of different legacy formats and code languages.

j2 has evolved and grown its international reputation on the use and application of its COTS software (j2 Universal Tool-Kit) for the digital modelling, analysis and simulation of aircraft applications. However, most end user clients who are using j2 software, have replaced older in-house developed tools and code as part of this process. These older tools/code generally fell into two categories:

  1. They were built using tools/coding languages no longer supported
  2. The original creator of the code had long since moved on/retired/passed away, there was zero documentation and none of the current staff team knew how it was structured or put together.

However, in both cases the same questions and challenges became apparent:

  1. what can the end user do to ring fence and protect older resources, IP and data, so that these valuable resources are not lost.
  2. Is the various data held within such resources still commercially useable but without the growing costs and unreliability associated with trying to support older legacy tools and code??.

A challenge indeed…… until now…….

A direct fall-out from using j2 Universal Tool-Kit has been the software’s ability to use  ‘j2 Developer’, a powerful API, already part of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, to wrap and interface the old with the new.

Neither is the interface build difficult as j2 software has the unique ability to seek out and identify, using a proprietary  ‘units’ identification capability, any and all data ID’s within the legacy data needed to align with the specific model unit ID’s within j2 software.  

This unique search and identify capability means that once ‘wrapped’ in this way the end user can continue to generate value from the inherent data IP held in the older legacy tools but without the burden of writing even more code or trying to maintain and work with the old legacy systems.

Meanwhile, once interfaced, the j2 engineering environment is used for all the heavy lifting on digital modelling, analysis and simulation activity as required, all using a single, fully supported commercial product without the need to write code.

A less obvious fall-out from the above scenario has been an identified commercial benefit relating to aircraft data. This comes in many forms from engineering fidelity data right through to full flight test data packages supporting level D fidelity flight models.

For any aircraft, j2 Universal Tool-Kit provides an ability to interrogate this old data pool and extract that data which can be used to create digital models of any aircraft to any fidelity and then be able to market that data, fully hosted, within a commercial set of tools for onward sale and use, j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

Being able to successfully access and exploit old data sources in this way is already gathering pace and is now clearly identified as an additional commercial benefit of using j2 software. Those end-user clients who believe they have value in their old data, across multiple platforms, but have no means to commercially exploit it, have turned to j2 as providing a strategic way forwards in deriving value from older data they own, delivered on a fully supported and recognised host framework. They are unable to do this themselves because they cannot see a cost effective way of accessing and working with such data in older formats, hosted on the old tools, some of which are no longer supported or even taught at University.

The commercial value of older data in the market is significant and for those who own such data pools, j2 has unlocked a strategic pathway to realise the commercial value in that data.

If you would like to find out more on this added value benefit of using j2 software or believe you have aircraft data in old formats that has a commercial market value that could be exploited by j2, then please contact us to find out more about how we can help you.



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