23 | June | 2024

j2 Universal Tool-Kit v7 is here

j2 Aircraft Dynamics are proud to announce the release of the j2 Universal Tool-Kit v7. The new release includes a new interface and a complete set of re-worked icons to provide an even better user experience when using j2 Universal Tool-Kit for aircraft design, development, flight test and simulation tasks. v7 can boast many new capabilities and improvements:

  • A whole new plug-in, j2 Rotary, designed specifically to meet the demands of high fidelity modelling in rotary applications and already fully commercial. j2 Rotary has its own blade element rotor model (BERM) to enable fully stable hover and autorotation, not possible in when using flat disc or game fidelity applications.
  • Additional FCS components in j2 Builder
  • A 30% improvement in processing speed when using j2 Freedom
  • Really neat curve fitting capability added to j2 Visualize, the j2 integrated charting tool

Paul Jenkins, Snr Vice President said, ” most of these improvements have come from the end user challenging j2 to do even better. We are really proud to release v7 and look forward to continuing the journey as j2 Universal Tool-Kit evolves further in both its capabilities and the applications it covers and the overall user experience.”

The full Release Note can be found here.

For more information on how you can get hold of v7 please contact us.

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